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July Pick Of The Month


Fred Astaire and Ginger Roberts

Weekends at 1pm from Saturday 19th

The two iconic dance partners made motion pictures together for over a decade and we have a selection of their most toe-tapping movies for you to enjoy. This classic slot begins withTop Hat, a musical comedy in which Fred Astaire plays Jerry Travers, an American dancer who is mistaken for his goofy producer followed by Swing Time, a movie built on dance routines regarded as masterpieces of their kind.

British Drama: Seesaw

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th at 9pm

Money- the love and loss of it is the subject of a striking psychological thriller that takes an ordinary family and strips away the façade of their affluent middle class life.Hannah, the teenage daughter of upper middle class Morris and Val Price, is kidnapped with a half-million-pound ransom.  Moris and Val run out of leads in their search for her and the whole family is left to endure an empty, desperate wait.  David Suchet (Poirot) stars.  Directed by George Case (1999)



True Children

Saturday 19th from 1pm

Parents love, care,and protect their children- but what happens when this is jeopardised? Follow the thought-provoking true stories of parents and guardians fighting for the wellbeing of their children in movies such as No Higher Love (3pm).  Katey Sagal (Married with Children) stars as Ellen Young, a mother who discovers she has terminal cancer and must suddenly find a new mother figure for her baby. Directed by Michael Switzer(1999)

Uncut Movies: Every Friday at 11pm

Don’t miss the unedited versions of your favourite movies just as the directors intended them to be seen.

Included in this uncensored slot is The Price Of Beauty (Fri 25th) starring Marilu Henner and Rhea Perlam.  Two bored friends answer an advert to live the lives of Playboy Bunnies. Their glamorous life causes them to drift apart,but they are forced to help each other in a surprising twist of friendship. Directed by Randall Miller (2000)



True Westerns

Saturday 12th July from 11am

Saddle up and join True Movies 2 as we head to the prairies and spend the day with gun-toting sheriffs, cowboys, cowgirls and outlaws!

Starting off this very American special is Prairie Fever. Preston Biggs (Kevin Sorbo, Hercules)was once the law. That was before his wife died and grief drove him to the bottle. Now, he’s prone to whiskey-fuelled fights and nights behind bars with a debt for the damage. The sheriff offers Preston a deal to pay it off—escort,safely back to civilization for help, three women suffering from “prairie fever.”  Directed by Stephen Bridgewater & David S.Cass Sr (2008)

Brian Dennehy Day

Sunday 13th July from 11am

True Movies 2 is spending the day with the all-American tough guy, Brian Dennehy.

Brian Dennehy showcases his prowess as an actor and director in Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance.  The incorruptible Chicago Detective Jack Reed must solve a string of murders occurring in broad daylight. Most of the victims are Russian immigrants, whose friends and relatives have mysteriously refused to cooperate in his investigation. (1996)


World War II: When Lions Roared

Part 1- Tuesday 22nd at 1pm and 9pm

Part 2- Thursday 24th at 1pm and 9pm

Michael Caine,John Lithgow, Bob Hoskins and Ed Begley Jr. star in this award-winning mini-series. At the Tehran and Yalta Conferences, the strong personalities of three of the world’s most powerful leaders threaten their fragile alliance.This riveting historical drama portrays the precarious relationship between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin at the pivotal moments when the final strategies of the war hung in the balance. Directed by Joseph Sargent (1994)



True Music Special

Sunday 27th July from 7am

This vibrant theme day encapsulates the unforgettable stories behind some of the iconic musicians including The Jackson Five.  The Jacksons: An American Dream (part 1 at 5pm & part 2 at 7pm) is the story of an average working-class family in Indiana whose lives change forever when the patriarch of the household discovers the kids have an extraordinary musical talent.

Winning talent show after talent show, they soon hit it big when Motown calls. From there they become the now famous Jackson 5. But along the way their success brings trouble and turmoil.

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